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Dark times are upon us.

A new Darkling Lord has risen up in the north. His armies flood out of the border lands, sweeping away resistance like an endless midnight sea.

Gaenvyld is a restless land. Tensions between the dominant southern races have ever run high, but in the shadow of imminent destruction, hereditary suspicion and distrust have ignited into open hostility.

And now, as if there wasn't enough chaos in our world already, we've been visited by a new race of wizards. They call themselves Ear-things, and they claim come from a completely different world. Nobody believed them at first. Their magic is of a different sort than ours, but that means nothing. Wizards are always experimenting and cavorting about, but that doesn't mean we have to recognize them as emissaries of a sovereign land.

But then we got word that Aelwyn stands with them.

As in THE Aelwyn…

Gaen's thunder… The Lord Prince himself! And he asks us to send a delegation to meet these Ear-things. Their magic is said to be very powerful. If we can forge an alliance with them before the others, maybe it will give us the edge we need.

We can't sit back and do nothing. Even if it turns out to be a trap. The Lord Prince is closer than kin. He's honor, heart and hearth to us all.

So of course I volunteered. I mean… Gaen's thunder... Aelwyn might be there! What if I get to meet him?

Wizard Background

You’re not so sure where you came from… oh that was quite a long time ago. You are very old… probably a couple hundred years… maybe a thousand… You can’t remember. In fact, you can’t really remember much anymore. For whatever reason, the Ear-Things have found a way into the world… Those fools probably have no idea what they’re getting into. You’ve been to the Ear-Thing’s world before… quite a nice place. At least you think you’ve been there.

For as long as you know (or can remember), wizards have never really swarmed together as the Dwarves, Elves, and other races do. Maybe they would, but when they are together, nothing gets done. Of course, much philosophy is discussed, maybe some bickerings, but all settles down after a spot of tea. Whatever the reason, wizards tend to not get along so well. However, it has come to the attention of many wizards that the event about to take place will likely great alter this world… the technology of the Ear-Things is far superior to the technology of Gaenvyld. They both hold the information and knowledge of superior flying machines and deadly tools and weapons. So naturally, as you might call yourself a peace-keeper, the wizards have decided to make sure this valuable knowledge falls into the right hands, that is not into... what's his name's hands. Oh yes that would be very bad, quite bad indeed.

You can sense that What's His Name is up to something. The other races fear that the meeting could be a trap, that the Ear-Things are actually disguised servants of... oh yeah, The Dark Lord. No, not this time… you fear that The Dark Lord may be trying to somehow get at the Ear-Thing’s resources. For this reason, you and other wizards alike must make sure that such a thing does not take place.

Wizard Characteristics

  • You, like all other wizards, are extremely intelligent, but a little off your rocker as well. Other races have often thought of wizards as being scatterbrained, or a bit loony
  • You enjoy a good conversation about philosophy or science. In fact, you might say it’s your defacto conversation topic. Everything you talk about seems to drift in that direction
  • You are horribly forgetful… it’s quite sad really. You constantly place something down and can’t remember where you put it. You lost a key that was in your pocket for two straight years once.
  • In order to be well-prepared for whatever was about to go down, you brought along quite a few of your power stones (used for magic). However, you hid them about and now you can’t recall where you put them… you’ll need to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands
  • You are a tad clumsy and quite an old fart too… so weapons won’t serve you any good. A nice staff for a little back support does quite nicely though, also helps direct the ol’ magic fairly well


  • Wizards are pretty distinctive when it comes to what they wear… besides their generally height differences over all the races
  • Wizards always, always are carrying around their trusted staff
  • Wizards typically have some sort of pointy hat, although this isn’t always true
  • Wizards generally wear large robes. The robe colors indicate the ‘power’ of the wizard. It’s not so much a competitive thing as a stage in a wizard’s life

General Party Information

Important General Information and Rules: