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Hi Everybody!

We're glad you can join us! Here's how everything is going to work:

Start Time:  6PM
End Time:   Around 9:30PM
Dress:  See Costuming suggestions on your "race page"
Potluck:  If every family group brings a dish to share, we should have a very nice feast. Here's what people are bringing so far:
  • Olsons:  A 20lb ham, salad, and drinks (mainly root beer and some ginger ale)
  • Scovills:  Sweet potatos
  • Scharffs:  A dessert
When You Arrive:

We'll supply all your spells and weapons, so please don't bring any of your own, because that could get confusing.

We'll give you a bag with a cheat sheet for your character and any spells, weapons, power stones, potions, etc. that you get to have at the beginning of the night.

Please open the bag and secure the items on your person (or hide them) and return the empty bag to us.

You are NEVER allowed to look inside anyone else's character envelope!!!

Playing Your Character:

Once you have all your stuff and have read all your instructions, take a deep breath and start playing your character. The idea is to relax and enjoy getting to be a different person living in a different world.

If we haven't told you something about your character, feel free to make it up. The point is to have a great time, so take some time and think about what kind of character you'd like to play. Are you cheerful? Depressed? Subservient? Unintelligent? Are you afraid of the dark? Was your entire family murdered by Shades? You get to decide.

The Game:

Your main objective is to have fun losing yourself in your character, but you'll have other objectives as well.
1.  Delegation Objectives:  Read your delegation pages to see what your delegation wants to accomplish.
2.  Specific Character Objectives:  Your character sheets may have specific objectives for you to try to accomplish.
3.  Situational Objectives:  If an unknown assassin is killing members of your party, then obviously your objective is going to be to try not to get killed and to try to figure out who the assassin is.
4.  Universal Objectives:  Everybody shares these universal objectives:
  • Make an alliance with the Ear-Things
  • Figure out your enemy's objectives (e.g. if you are an elf, you will want to figure out what the Shades and Dwarves are up to)
  • Identify all of your enemies
  • Gain power/wealth
  • Stay alive

Hit Points, Death and Damage

  • Hit Points: Everybody has 3 hit points (unless your character sheet says otherwise). That means if you get stabbed, shot, or magic missiled three times, you’ll be dead.
  • Healing Potions: If you drink a healing potion (a smallish beverage cryptically labelled “Healing Potion” or “+1 HP”, then you’ll regain one lost Hit Point.
  • Death: If you loose all of your hit points, you must scream and go into a classic Hollywood death scene. You must then stay dead until others have had time to loot your body (not that anyone would ever do such a thing). NOTE: People can never look at your character sheet -- even when you’re dead.
  • The After Life: Once your body has been properly looted, you can come back as a new character. Dead people tell no tales! You can NOT give anyone any information at all once you’re dead. Your new character DOES NOT KNOW anything that your old character would have known. BEHAVE!


Starting Magic:  Unless you start off the game with darts, bricks, or sticky note spells, you have no magic to start off with. Even magic users do not have magic points to start off with unless otherwise specified.
Power Bricks:  Magic in this game is represented by power bricks (aka wooden two by fours). If you see a power brick laying around, take it! You can use power bricks to cast spells (that is if you are a magic user), otherwise, if you are not a magic user, you can get a magic user to use a brick that you have in return for a spell that you would like.
Spells:  Magic users cannot write their own spells, meaning they cannot write their own stickies. All magic users, even when producing a spell for a non-magic user, must go to Po (aka John), who will then exchange the brick for a sticky note or magic missile.
Death:  If you die, you lose all your magic points and items!
Projectile Spells:  Nerf darts have to be used for projectile spells, while enchantment spells are used via slapping a sticky note on someone or something (not actually slapping). Projectile spells are sleep and magic missile (1 damage).
Enchantments:  Enchantment spells are truth spell, magic shield (1 damage), physical damage shield (1 damage), and Sylva immunity charm.
Sleep:  Sleep is used via dart to put the target to sleep. Whoever is hit by a sleep dart wakes up 60 mississippi’s later.
Magic Missile:  Magic missile is used via dart to cause 1 damage to the target. If your dart misses who you were trying to hit, too bad, you lost your dart. All darts are a one-time use (as well as sticky notes). You also can’t loot them off the ground if you see one, since that means it’s already been used.
Truth Spells:  Truth spells are used on another person which makes them tell the truth until a 30 minute timer rings. This doesn’t mean that the person can’t be evasive however.
Magic Shield:  Magic Shield protects the user from 1 damage of magic (from magic missile or sleep specifically). This is a one time use and only lasts until the next 30-minute timer rings.
Physical Damage Shield:  Physical Damage Shield protects the user from 1 physical damage (from swords or other non-magic weapons). This is a one time use and only lasts until the next 30-minute timer rings.
Sylva Immunity:  A Sylva charm protects the user from 1 Sylva damage (damage caused by being too close to a Sylva for too long). This lasts until the next 30-minute timer rings.

Game Rules

  • Don't be stupid:  Some people can get really into the game, but please remind yourself not to do anything stupid while playing your character. Which means no stabbing people with real knives, setting the house on fire, or jumping out of second story windows.
  • Play your character:  It’s really important that you play your character as described and not as you want it to be
  • Character Sheets:  You cannot read or steal someone’s character sheet or anything held in their envelope
  • Game Masters:  John and Peter are the game GMs. If you receive a sticky note, you must do what it says. This can be from the GMs or from other players. For instance, a player may hand you a sticky note that says MAGIC MISSILE, presumably meaning that you got hit by a missile which likely deals a certain amount of damage and you have to act that out accordingly. This means that you cannot write sticky notes for yourselves unless your character sheet specifies that you can write a sticky note (such as for a spell).
  • OFF LIMITS:  All closets and drawers are OFF LIMITS!! You are not supposed to go downstairs and bother Lyndsey, nor are you allowed to use real keys (just the sticky note variety)
  • LOCKS:  There are special sticky notes called ‘locks’ that you may find around the house. You cannot open what the sticky note is on, or pick that object up, or use/open/tamper with that object unless you have the corresponding ‘key’ sticky note.
  • WINNING:  There are no winners and losers. However at the end of the game, you can all reveal who your character was, what they were trying to do, and what they were able to do and so on.
  • DEATH:  If you die and get a new character, your new character is NOT allowed to act on any information he/she may have obtained while playing their old character
    • No eating chocolate or other sticky substances over the carpet
    • No throwing or hitting people with pillows
    • No slamming a Jerry or Peter into the couch
  • The Most Important Rule:  Have fun!