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Dark times are upon us.

A new Darkling Lord has risen up in the north. His armies flood out of the border lands, sweeping away resistance like an endless midnight sea.

Gaenvyld is a restless land. Tensions between the dominant southern races have ever run high, but in the shadow of imminent destruction, hereditary suspicion and distrust have ignited into open hostility.

And now, as if there wasn't enough chaos in our world already, we've been visited by a new race of wizards. They call themselves Ear-things, and they claim come from a completely different world. Nobody believed them at first. Their magic is of a different sort than ours, but that means nothing. Wizards are always experimenting and cavorting about, but that doesn't mean we have to recognize them as emissaries of a sovereign land.

But then we got word that Aelwyn stands with them.

As in THE Aelwyn…

Gaen's thunder… The Lord Prince himself! And he asks us to send a delegation to meet these Ear-things. Their magic is said to be very powerful. If we can forge an alliance with them before the others, maybe it will give us the edge we need.

We can't sit back and do nothing. Even if it turns out to be a trap. The Lord Prince is closer than kin. He's honor, heart and hearth to us all.

So of course I volunteered. I mean… Gaen's thunder... Aelwyn might be there! What if I get to meet him?


Your people have gotten together with some of the other outcasts in the area and have sent out their own delegation to the meeting with the Ear-Things. You are a part of that delegation.

You have to be sure that this isn’t a trap set up by The Dark Lord, so you must be cautious in approaching these creatures. If it is a trap, you can expect The Dark Lord’s forces to be present. If not, you must meet these Ear-Things.

Maybe they will be resistant to the evil inside of you that steals the life from everyone else?

Maybe you could become... friends.

If that's too much to hope, you should at least be able to secure an alliance with them so that the Dark Lord doesn’t get a hand on them. Such an alliance could be both very important in getting an upper hand on The Dark Lord and showing that you can be friends with people…

You only ever wanted the Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, and everyone to know how much you admire and respect and... love them. They're all so beautiful and good... Maybe one day, if you manage to defeat the Dark Lord, one of them will be willing to... be your friend.

It's your truest, fondest desire...

But maybe it's too much to ask.

Sylva Characteristics

  • Your don't feel evil, but there's something bad inside you that sucks the life out of anything around you that's alive. You feel horrible about it, but what can you do? You're so lonely...
  • You love being around people… even though you don't feel worthy
  • You are friendly but timid… You don’t want to hurt anyone. You just want people to like you
  • You want to be friends with everyone (except the Darkling Lord and his minions)
  • You get along really well with plants (before you suck the life out of them). \
  • You can use Iron Weed vines as armor and weapons.


  • Since you are able to control trees, bushes, vines, leaves, and any other kind of plant, you find it handy to adorn yourself with these things, especially your favorite type of weed, Iron Weed (which is the best weed ever)
  • Most of your people are very poor and dress like medieval peasants. However, you would like to look good if you could. Sometimes nicer clothes sort of make people forget that you are basically Dr. Oc and Ivy’s unborn child.
  • You prefer green, blue, and red colors

General Party Information

Important General Information and Rules: