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The world as you know it has changed forever. Scientists have just opened a wormhole into a different universe. They’re trying to keep their findings hush-hush for as long as possible -- wouldn’t want to create mass hysteria and panic -- but you’ve heard rumors of monsters and dragons and… MAGIC!

Because of your expertise, you’ve been chosen to be a part of the first delegation to this strange new world. Rumor has it that they’re bringing in representatives from the twelve different races that make up the humanoid population of the planet. Apparently these “people” are throwbacks to the dark ages where warlords and monarchs rule the land with an iron fist.

The meetings will be mostly informal at first -- a chance to mingle with the alien delegations and learn as much as possible about their culture, politics and… anatomy. Your job is to study the different delegations and try to determine which is the most advanced and peace-loving.

The scientists will need to anchor the other end of the portal in one of the regions, and you need to determine which society you’ll be able to work with best.

Stuff You Should Know

  • Dr. Eizeneigen is the scientist who first created the wormhole. Rumor has it that Eizeneigen is a bit soft in the head. Many are saying that Eizeneigen’s first-year graduate student, William Aelwyn, is the brains behind the technology.
  • You’ve researched William Aelwyn, and you can’t find any information about him before he applied to the university. Nothing. As in… nothing at all. It’s like he’s a ghost or something.
  • Dr. Eunice Mildew will be the lead anthropologist for the team. She speaks 48 different languages including 3 dialects of gorilla. You’ve met her a dozen times, but you have no idea what she looks like, because she always has a camera in front of her face. The last time you were in a meeting with her, you had spots in your eyes for a week.


Wear your best science lab or science expedition gear. You don’t know what the terrain is like, and they’re saying you might have to cut your way several miles through dense jungle. What did you do with that pith helmet of yours?

General Party Information

Important General Information and Rules: