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Dark times are upon us.

A new Darkling Lord has risen up in the north. His armies flood out of the border lands, sweeping away resistance like an endless midnight sea.

Gaenvyld is a restless land. Tensions between the dominant southern races have ever run high, but in the shadow of imminent destruction, hereditary suspicion and distrust have ignited into open hostility.

And now, as if there wasn't enough chaos in our world already, we've been visited by a new race of wizards. They call themselves Ear-things, and they claim come from a completely different world. Nobody believed them at first. Their magic is of a different sort than ours, but that means nothing. Wizards are always experimenting and cavorting about, but that doesn't mean we have to recognize them as emissaries of a sovereign land.

But then we got word that Aelwyn stands with them.

As in THE Aelwyn…

Gaen's thunder… The Lord Prince himself! And he asks us to send a delegation to meet these Ear-things. Their magic is said to be very powerful. If we can forge an alliance with them before the others, maybe it will give us the edge we need.

We can't sit back and do nothing. Even if it turns out to be a trap. The Lord Prince is closer than kin. He's honor, heart and hearth to us all.

So of course I volunteered. I mean… Gaen's thunder... Aelwyn might be there! What if I get to meet him?


The Elves are sending a delegation to meet with Aelwyn and the Ear-things. Your mission is to determine whether the Ear-things are who they say they are – or whether they're one of the Darkling Lord's plots. If they're legitimate, you must secure an alliance with them at all costs.

Whatever you do, you must NOT let those uncouth, low-brow, latrine-dwelling Dwarves get to the Ear-things first.

Elf Characteristics

  • We are the most noble race on Gaenvyld. The other races are jealous of our culture and refinement -- especially the Dwarves.
  • We are fanatics about the finer things in life: etiquette, manners, and all forms of courtly protocol. We are very careful to treat every individual with the respect and honor due his station. These Ear-things pose a singular challenge in that respect as their position in Eonid’s Social Hierarchy of the Minor Races has yet to be determined.
  • We always dress for the occasion -- and our days often hold dozens of occasions which must be met with exactly the right outfit. A wise Elven statesman once said: ‘One can never go into an occasion armed with too much lace.”
  • Our speech is elegant and refined in the extreme. Many would describe it as being almost musical. (Imagine what Queen Elizabeth would sound like if she were a highbrow Oxford professor.)
  • We were born for the aery heights of castle towers and tree tops. Lowborn individuals are afraid of heights. Elves, on the other hand, are afraid of not being high enough. We take “taking the high ground” to new heights.
  • We may be slender and willowy, but we’re tough as ironwood. We can endure twice as much damage as the lower races (6 hit points as opposed to 3).


Aeriopitus the Great would schedule two days of outfit selection for every one day he would be appearing in public. A high-born elf simply can NOT be too particular about his appearance. Low-born, adventuring elves are a completely different story, but even the poorest wanderers still care about their appearance. If you are a high-born elf, then lace, sparkle and dazzle are a necessity. Your clothes and hats should make a statement. And of course make-up, generously applied, is always expected. If you’re a low-born adventurer type, then practicality may be considered -- but only under duress.

General Party Information

Important General Information and Rules: