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Dark times are upon us.

A new Darkling Lord has risen up in the north. His armies flood out of the border lands, sweeping away resistance like an endless midnight sea.

Gaenvyld is a restless land. Tensions between the dominant southern races have ever run high, but in the shadow of imminent destruction, hereditary suspicion and distrust have ignited into open hostility.

And now, as if there wasn't enough chaos in our world already, we've been visited by a new race of wizards. They call themselves Ear-things, and they claim come from a completely different world. Nobody believed them at first. Their magic is of a different sort than ours, but that means nothing. Wizards are always experimenting and cavorting about, but that doesn't mean we have to recognize them as emissaries of a sovereign land.

But then we got word that Aelwyn stands with them.

As in THE Aelwyn…

Gaen's thunder… The Lord Prince himself! And he asks us to send a delegation to meet these Ear-things. Their magic is said to be very powerful. If we can forge an alliance with them before the others, maybe it will give us the edge we need.

We can't sit back and do nothing. Even if it turns out to be a trap. The Lord Prince is closer than kin. He's honor, heart and hearth to us all.

So of course I volunteered. I mean… Gaen's thunder... Aelwyn might be there! What if I get to meet him?

Chaim Instructions

The Chaim (Rhymes with Rhyme) homeland is in turmoil. The king has disappeared and all of the heirs are missing. Foul play is suspected, but reports have started circulating that the Crown Prince has been spotted in distant lands to the east. If this is true, there may yet be hope for your people. If only you can hold things together long enough. If the Ear-things’ magic can help, you need to secure it.

The Chaim are sending a delegation to meet with Aelwyn and the Ear-things. Your mission is to determine whether the Ear-things are who they say they are – or whether they're one of the Darkling Lord's plots. If they're legitimate, you must secure an alliance with them at all costs.

Chaim Characteristics

  • Chaim are organized
  • Chaim are efficient
  • Chaim practice military precision in all aspects of their lives
  • Chaim excel at following orders
  • Chaim are resistant to poison and magic
  • Chaim don’t sleep.
  • Sleeping is inefficient.
  • All Chaim undergo ten years of military training
  • Chaim have tough yellowish skin and yellow eyes. Some of them can become translucent when they’re in danger.
  • Because of their resistance to magic, Chaim can’t use charmed items.


If a Chaim had to choose between wearing weapons and armor or wearing clothes, she would choose the weapons and armor every time. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to bring weapons or armor to the meeting. This makes you acutely uncomfortable. Maybe if you choose clothing that looks and feels like armor, you’ll feel better. You need to preserve your military image. Maybe if your clothing looked like it was armor it would serve as a deterrent?

General Party Information

Important General Information and Rules: