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Here's a list of my on-going projects:

I'm not actively working on any writing projects right now, but I'm hoping to get to the books I call "TechnoRats" very soon.

Software Businesses:
This is where I'm spending the bulk of my time. I'm actively working on two tech start-ups:  HuDDleFish.com and DitDat.com. One of these days I'm hoping to get back to CodeNinjas as well.

Small Group Curriculum:
I'm working with Tracy and Ron Higley on a small group curriculum project. It's one of the most exciting irons I have in the fire. Can't wait to tell you about it.

Youth Group:
I'm the interim youth director at Creekside Community Church. This is what you'll find me working on Monday nights, Tuesday nights, Wednesday afternoons, Friday nights, and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

We've been creating our own world most Sunday nights for the past 12 or so years using a modified-beyond-all-recognition GURPS system.

Oops... Sorry... Top secret project I'm not supposed to talk about.

Robinette's Birthday Party:
Follow the link:  Robinette's Birthday Party