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Before his eighth birthday, John Olson had performed the autopsies, issued the death certificates, and presided over the funerals of 87 tragically murdered cockroaches and beetles. In his freshman year at the College of Charleston, John tried to join every single student organizations on campus and invented three more. Desperate to get rid of him, the University of Wisconsin at Madison awarded John a Ph.D. in biochemistry and told him they hoped he’d go far. John has written six novels, founded three technology companies, and somehow gotten married to a woman who is often described as “longsuffering.” His life goal is to band together with his twelve best friends to defeat Sauron the Great, which he will do the instant he finds a small gold ring that he recently misplaced.

Short Bio

John B. Olson
is the award-winning author of six novels, the founder of three technology companies, and the co-inventor of two above-average kids.

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